Quotes and References

DOWF16 03375“Stefanos & Shay are an incredibly dynamic duo, full of energy and sexy information that they share in a really warm and memorable way. They are professional, efficient, and really pleasant to work with. They will raise the level of any event they participate in.” -Princess Kali, founder of Kink Academy

“Shay and Stefanos are highly experienced presenters that have proven themselves to be exceptionally both knowledgeable and highly entertaining.” -Jay Wiseman

“Stefanos and Shay are a joy to watch and listen to, never a dull moment, wickedly entertaining with the hands on knowledge thats needed for wonderful presenters who live the lifestyle with heart.They are by far one of our most dynamic and powerful presenters and always have huge turn out for classes and events.” -August Knight and Phil Derby, owners of SF Citadel

DOWF16 00023“You guys were simply awesome. I really want to express our thanks that you were able to come and present at our event. We have been able to review the evaluations and I can report that your class was the best attended. Also, you received nothing but rave reviews. One I especially liked read that your class was “The most fun I’ve ever had at a BDSM educational event!”” -Jefferson, organizer of Behind Closed Doors in Arizona

“The playful dynamic between two experienced players, with vastly different styles, who also happen to be great friends and lovers, is just wonderful to behold. This dynamic seems to encourage lots of relaxed banter and interaction, not only for the two instructors, but for the students as well. Their classes seem to balance extensive preparation and planning with impromptu opportunities for new ideas and suggestions. Shay and Stefanos do an excellent job of teaching while making sure everyone has a good time and feels a part of the learning process.” -Jason James, Managing Director of Mission Control

“I imagine you would imagine that since I didn’t know you guys at all (besides having been on your set and watched your work a ton), I asked around.  You were highly recommended, and have indeed made their recommendations pale.  Everyone said you guys are professional, creative, and wonderful to work with.  I truly get what they meant.  Your classes were wonderful.  Yours was one of the two I managed to get to and it was a joy, not just for content but to experience your style too. You are professional, and a dream for an event director/producer/grunt.  Besides that you are fun and easy to be with.  I enjoyed my limited time with each of you. Only wish there were more time, as it would have been enjoyable.”  -Bruce, Director Chicago’s Kinky Kollege

@ShayBlondie and @MaestroStefanos have been giving spectacular presentations… Edwardian BallThey’re sexy, consent-focused, and omg hilarious.” -@pervocracy

“Stefanos & Shay are masterful presenters. They are engaging, knowledgeable and have fantastic interplay and chemistry on stage.”  Thank you! -XtinaKay

“It’s always a true pleasure watching you work your magic. I have been to many of your presentations and always find them informative, important and entertaining. You both are as beautiful as you are skilled at your topics. Thanks for what you do for our community.” -@DragonLord

“I was lucky enough to sit through a few of your workshops. Ridiculously informative, thank you for putting so much work into all that you do. You both are fantastic presenters and I learned waaay too much.” -@Intueri

“Thanks so much for bringing your knowledge and energy to our event and Central Ohio community. You bring a wonderful energy that welcomes people to express their kink in a joyful way. I think it’s safe to say you will always be welcome in our community. Many Thanks!”

“I wanted to commend you on your presentations. By far my favorite presenters this weekend! Excellent information, awesome chemistry between you two, the information given was really fluid, thought provoking and I will be able to use it in a real practical way.” -@pure_ectasy

“Stefanos and Shay used a variety of strong presentational skills to get their points across, using brief role-played scenarios, anecdotes, audience interaction and demonstrations. They covered a lot of ground. The seminar seemed to be over in minutes. It was fun, funny, engaging, informative and ultimately gave me some really valuable insights. I was left wanting more.” -@XanderBear

“I have attended eleven workshops in total [at Rome BDSM Conference]. All were very good (with just one possible exception). However Stefanos and Shay with their impressive presentation skills and their infectious personality were definitely in a league of their own.” -@DukeOfAlbany

“they are like watching a circus – high energy and dynamic” -Anonymous feedback from Westcoast Bound 2015