Ordering Kinky/BDSM Medical Play Supplies (resource list)

Ordering supplies for medical play scenes can be tricky! Kink specific vendors have a focused selection of high-quality products and will save you from shopping around, but they are quite expensive. We do most of our shopping on shopmedvet.com – links to specific supplies we use are below. A lot of this stuff can also be purchased on amazon.com!

Disclaimer: this information is provided with the understanding that you’re doing this kinky stuff anyway and we’d like you to do it as safely as possible. Please do not do anything beyond your training/skill level and get appropriate 1:1 mentoring for these types of play. 

General Supplies:

Play piercing supplies:
A note about needles: your mileage may vary. Sterile is sterile is sterile, and needles from veterinary supply stores are perfectly safe to use. We have seen identical products to the ones we order on shopmedvet.com sold at various kinky vendors. We have also heard that manufacturing standards in terms of sharpness may be different for veterinary (vs. human) supplies. We have not seen objective or subjective evidence of this, and we use a LOT of sharps from many sources. Have information about this? Please e-mail us!

Basic supplies

Advanced piercing supplies

piercing needles

  • Kelly forceps
  • Curved kelly forceps
  • 14 gauge piercing needle (for use with 16g or 18g body jewelry) – Search on ebay for “14G Sterile Piercing Needle.” We feel they are better quality in plastic flat cases as shown on the pic to the right- look for this kind of packaging.
  • Rubber corks – you need these if you are using piercing needles. Search on Amazon for “rubber corks.”
  • 16 gauge IV catheter (for use with 16g or 18g body jewelry) – Requires license to buy from shopmedvet but can be found on ebay specifically for piercing. Search “Sterile Body Piercing Needles Catheter 16G”
  • Sutures (there are MANY options, this is a reasonable place to start)
  • Body jewelry:
    • Keep in mind that some people have sensitivities to nickel. Buy stainless steel.
    • We recommend using 16g jewelry.
    • Remember that jewelry you buy online does NOT arrive sterile (unless you order from a place that will autoclave it for you and send it in the autoclave packages). You need to sterilize the jewelry prior to use. This can be done by taking the jewelry to a piercing shop (ideally) or by using home methods of chemical sterilization.
    • We find that ebay is the best source for body jewelry, by far. We’re avoiding posting links because products change frequently.
      • Curved barbell (a good place to start, less of a pain in the ass than captive ball rings) – search for “16g stainless steel curved barbell lot”- we find that longer is better, so ideally you want 12 or 14mm.
      • Captive ball rings – search for “16g stainless steel captive ball ring lot”- we find that larger is better so look for 14 or 16mm.
      • If you want to use captive ball rings, you also need ring opening and ring closing pliers – these can also be easily found on ebay or amazon. Look for disposable ones in sterilized packages for about $1 per tool.

Cutting Supplies:
A note about scalpels: We prefer single use disposal scalpels. Some instructors/players prefer to use an exacto handle and order just sterile blades, which is also fine as long as you are scrupulous in your sterilization of the handle.

Stapling Supplies:

  • 35 W stapler (“35” is the number of staples, “W” indicates a “wide” staple size, which is more useful for our purposes than the “regular” size.)
  • Staple remover (These are inexpensive and we find it worthwhile to simply use a new one for each person, rather than attempting to sterilize them for reuse.)

Venipuncture Supplies: