San Francisco Dungeon Rules

Questions or concerns? Speak to the Event Hosts or the Dungeon Monitors (DMs). DMs wear an orange band around their arm or an orange vest. Event Hosts wear a blue band. If you have an issue with a DM, please go to the front desk and request to speak with the Event Host or House Lead.

Do not touch another person or their property without their explicit consent.

The Dungeon safe word is “SAFEWORD.” Yelling “SAFEWORD” is a call for assistance from outside your scene. The DMs & other experienced players will come to your aid. If you are using a gag, you must have a “safe signal.”

NO CELL PHONE USE! We protect privacy. Cell phones may only be used on the front staircase (including to check what time it is or to play a game). Please silence your cell phones. No recording or photography allowed.

NO MEANS NO! Aggressive cruising will not be tolerated. If someone is bothering you or doesn’t respect your boundaries, please let the DM, House Lead or Event Hosts know ASAP.

Breath play is not permitted. This includes smothering, “carotid play,” rope around the neck, rope from a collar to a hard point, etc.

No social conversations in the main dungeon. In-scene talking is fine! Take social conversations to the social areas.

Do not interrupt ongoing play. You are welcome to watch scenes. Keep a respectful distance (usually at least a few feet) away from players in scene and during aftercare. If you have concerns about a scene in progress talk to a DM.

For edged objects, blood, or wax play, advanced DM permission is needed before the scene begins. The DM or Event Host will check your set-up for safety. Wax play is only allowed on the linoleum with lit candles “in hand.” Cover the floor and equipment under your wax play.

All bodily fluids must be contained within your scene & cleaned up when you are done. Walking around the space with sharps in place (even capped sharps) or any blood/bodily fluids on your skin is not permitted.

Only water in a cup or a non-breakable bottle is allowed in the play spaces. Food or other drinks are permitted in the social areas. Do not stick chewing gum anywhere but in the trash.

No masturbating when not in scene.

No drugs or alcohol. Do not engage in any illegal activities in the SF Citadel.

Do not sit on or leave your toys on the play equipment when not playing. You cannot “reserve” equipment.

Barrier protection is mandatory according to SF City Law for anal and vaginal penetration with a bio-penis. Barrier protection is strongly recommended for fisting, rimming, oral sex, penetrative toys, any potential exposure to body fluids and any sort of blood play. Condoms are readily available throughout the dungeon.

Urine or scat play are not permitted.

Fire play is not permitted.

Locking a person into/onto equipment is not permitted. (Ex: locking cage doors, locking cuffs to a cross, etc)

Respect the space and clean up after your play. You should clean the equipment with alcohol before your scene. Once finished you need to use the Cavicide-1 spray to clean the equipment. Instructions are posted at the cleaning stations.