Bottoming 101

Bottoming skills are frequently overlooked, but being the receptive partner doesn’t mean that your only value comes from your physical appearance, ability to take pain, or capacity to stay on your knees for hours on end.  Much of bottoming appears innate, but is actually based in skills that you can learn and hone! This class will start with interactive activities that introduce BDSM scene etiquette and approaching tops for play. Then we’ll discuss negotiation (hint: it isn’t just passively being interrogated by the top!), and tips on taking care of yourself before & after a scene. Finally we’ll touch on pain processing methods and communication in scene, using body language, safewords, dirty talk, and more. These skills will help you ultimately make a more satisfying experience for yourself AND your tops! (This class contains elements of demo, lecture, discussion, and class interaction.)

Shay and Jade IMG_1082

Quotes about Bottoming 101:

“Stefanos and Shay used a variety of strong presentational skills to get their points across, using brief role-played scenarios, anecdotes, audience interaction and demonstrations. They covered a lot of ground; from turning play around when it goes stale, to how the bottom can guide their top within a scene, to meeting and greeting new people to some pretty solid relationship advice. The seminar seemed to be over in minutes. It was fun, funny, engaging, informative and ultimately gave me some really valuable insights. I was left wanting more.” -@XanderBear