Case Scenarios Dungeon Monitor Training

group good IMG_1044This San Francisco original was created by Stefanos & Shay in 2007, based on Shay’s work running “mega-code” scenarios in the ER and Stefanos’ Military Readiness training. After less than 15 minutes of lecture, they will jump into interactive roleplay scenes, inviting class volunteers to manage and analyze these situations.

While every Dungeon Monitor shift is unique (and different venues many have very disparate rules and training requirements), the scenarios are chosen to stimulate your thinking as a DM and encourage you to develop critical thinking skills in this role that will serve you in any environment as the eyes, ears and hands of your venue’s safety and liability.

This session is highly recommended for DMs and event hosts, but is also informative (and entertaining!) for those who do not plan to DM, as it will provide valuable information about dungeon safety and incident management, as well as orientation to dungeon rules and etiquette. Come see why this class has been called “The best DM training. Ever.” and “A show that must be taken on the road.”

(This class is demo, lecture, discussion, and interactive/hands-on.)


Feedback on Case Scenarios DM Training

“Very entertaining and informative for sure… We had a great time… I think you guys should take that show on the road – you’d be a hit everywhere!”

“My thanks to you both for hosting such a beneficial Case Scenarios class. I found it to be educational, comical, sincere, and very engaging. The hands-on experience was great, and while I am shy, it just felt right to participate thanks to the environment you created.” – @Auyestiin

“Maybe a little too much ketchup ;-). You and Stef were amazing as usual. Thank you for what you do.” -@SearayCA

“I loved the structure of your course. Dropping us into scenarios like that really engraved the details to me. I also had a lot of fun :)” -@bio_alchemist

“The case scenarios DM training class was fantastic, very informative, it allowed me to view scenarios that I would have maybe never thought about, or even seen for many years. It will not only help me immensely as a DM but in considering my own dungeon etiquette.”

“Better than a Vegas act!”

“Both informational and hilarious.”

“This is the best DM training I’ve ever attended. The style of instruction was so engaging. Thank you!”