Cutthroat Dungeon (participatory game-show-style event)

Evilicious & lighthearted tournament for rope tops and bottoms featuring silly sabotages sold by your devious and perverted host Stefanos! Contestants will have to survive 3 rounds of rigging challenges… and each other! In Cutthroat Dungeon, sabotage is not only encouraged, it’s for sale, as contestants bid on items that they may use to cause their fellow competitors considerable consternation. Judged by Shay & the event audience, the winners of this contest will get bragging rights as the “most cutthroat, creative, and captivating” rigger and rope bottom at the event!


Note for producers: 

This is a participatory game show style event that requires quite a bit of preparation, staff, and logistics. Please contact us if you’re interested in having us bring this to your event!

What people have said about previous Cutthroat Dungeon events:

“Absolutely a comical highlight of DO! Really creative, well paced and presented, and super-fun. Congratulations not only to the participants who were great sports and a load of fun, but to the organizers! Don’t miss it if they do it again next year!!!” – @Torque

“What a great time, Cutthroat Dungeon alone was worth the entry price. 

Thank you all” – @I_am_PoseiDom