Engage: Dynamic bottoming

IMG_5753Being the receptive partner doesn’t mean that your only value comes from your physical appearance, ability to take pain, or capacity to stay on your knees for hours on end. Bottoming skills are frequently overlooked, but any top who’s had the pleasure of playing with a truly dynamic bottom will agree that they are they are the skillziest skillz in BDSM!

Whether your dynamic is brat play or high protocol Master/slave, there are verbal and non-verbal methods you can use during the scene to give feedback and guidance to ultimately make a more satisfying experience for yourself AND your top.

In addition to the focus on in-scene communication, this class will include interactive activities to help you approach tops for play, discussion about negotiation (hint: it isn’t just passively being interrogated by the top!), and tips on taking care of yourself before & after a scene.

(This class contains elements of demo, lecture, discussion, and class interaction.)


Feedback on Engage:

“This is the best class kink class I’ve ever taken, no matter your orientation, top, bottom, ect, you really should take it!” -@TopKai

“AMAZING presenters!! Covered everything I could imagine for the workshop. Extremely engaging and knowledgeable presenters.” – Anonymous feedback from KinkFest 2017

“Dynamic and entertaining and packed full of information!” – Anonymous feedback from KinkFest 2017

“Stefanos and Shay were great! They are beautiful, intelligent, funny, and a true joy to learn from.” -@deals

“Tonight’s class with the two of you was so much fun and really drove many points I’ve been thinking about home, as well as introduced more thoughts to mull over. And fuck if it wasn’t entertain and engaging as hell. No dry lectures with the two of you I am guessing!” -@mollymil

 “Thanks again for 2 outstanding classes at COPE!! Being a fairly new bottom, I really enjoyed The Dynamic Bottoming class. I actually learned quite a bit from it. You and Stefanos are are 2 Awesome people and I enjoyed meeting you both.” -cinderella1215

“I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful class today! Being my first class wasn’t sure what to expect. I have heard great things about you and it was a pleasure being there today. This class was so welcoming and comfortable. And I learned a lot!” -p.f

“I really enjoyed your class on dynamic bottoming–you had so many excellent examples and ways of looking at interactions, and you echoed many ideas I’ve been trying to practice myself, such as defining and managing expectations, determining why I want to play, and thinking about how I can be more authentic in my interactions. Thank you for creating and sharing such an informative and entertaining class!” -Lark

“Thanks for the class. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You and Stefanos are excellent teachers; I’d love to watch and learn from you any day! I’m a newbie and am just starting to put myself out there and I really admire the dynamic that you and Stefanos have together. I look forward to attending more of your classes.” – K & A

“This was a great class for my sub, who is new to the scene and still learning how to communicate (and how NOT to communicate!).- Sir Vice

“Winter Fire was months ago but I think it is never too late to say thank you. Your class on dynamic bottoming was one of the best at WF. The take aways have greatly enriched my life and made it more enjoyable too. It was a fantastic workshop! I learned how valuable it was when I started to apply some of the techniques you presented- I entered the scene very consciously several months ago after being monogamous and ‘vanilla’ for the majority of my life. I had never thought that I had a submissive side before I started to explore kink. But when I realized that I did, I was quite perplexed. On the one hand I enjoyed it, but on the other hand I had a preconceived notion that subs and bottoms are supposed to be always obedient and passive and that did not agree with me at all. As a result, I did not feel I was myself. The class opened my eyes into the world of possibilities and validated my belief that it is not only okay but also a lot of fun to be bratty and stubborn, to fight back, and to ask for what you want. This has led to many very enjoyable experiences (including quite awesome wrestling matches) both for me and my partners. Interestingly, it also made me feel more at peace in being fully obedient when I want to be, because I know that it is just one of the many options to choose from.” -CantankerousLove

“Thank you for such an fun, engaging and informative class! I look forward to attending more of your events in the near future!” -@Menomena 

Anonymous feedback from Westcoast Bound 2015:
– Stefanos and Shay are intelligent, passionate and AWESOME educators
– very entertaining, very good
– amazing
– loved info on how important it is to be yourself
– fantastic, interactive, energetic – wow!
– bring ideas when approaching tops
– interaction powerful, just fucking fabulous
– ways to surrender as a bottom
– very useful approaching script
– affirmation of “safeword is nothing”, not doing an action suggestion for safeword for non-verbal s-types, great tips for how to ask tops to play