Flipping Out: 2-Point Dynamic Suspensions

Shay rigging 2 IMG_6268Explore the acrobatics and freedom of movement that rope can offer! This playful & unorthodox rig lends itself well to silly and exhibitionistic scenes… or to nasty predicaments! Shay will discuss the general principals of this type of suspension and specific safety concerns. She will then show several variations on a 2-point dynamic suspension. The hands-on portion of the class focuses on attaching from just the hips (using a Leto harness). This class is very self-suspension friendly. Bring your rope kit if you’d like to practice along with the floorwork, and as time/equipment allows, we’ll get you in the air!


Tops: This is a fast-moving class that assumes an intermediate level of suspension knowledge – it is not appropriate for bondage beginners. Tops should know, at minimum, suspension-ready chest harness, attaching support lines, and basics of evaluating hard points and negotiation for bondage. While the Leto harness will be reviewed in class, familiarity with this tie will be very advantageous.

Bottoms: You must be healthy enough for suspension in general, and inversion specifically. Mobile suspensions are not necessarily strenuous (they can be quite comfortable), but getting the most out of mobile suspensions requires body awareness & some degree of fitness. If you are not experienced with suspension, you might start with reading this article.

Self-suspenders: Same requirements as for tops AND bottoms.

Supply requirements: Please bring at least two 25-30 foot lengths of suspension-worthy rope. Nylon or MFP is recommended. If you have carabiners and/or spinners, please bring what you’ve got! For main support lines, instructors will have Amsteel to loan. Bottoms/self-suspenders should ideally wear snug leggings/tights.

Set-up/logistic notes for event producers: This class can be done in a single 90 minute session as demo/floor work, with an opportunity for attendees with suspension experience to get in the air as allowed by equipment (see below). Two hours is preferable; in the 90 minute version we have to move through the harness portion very quickly and beginning to intermediate students unfamiliar with the harness may not be able to keep up. Beam-style frames (or truss) is needed – each suspension requires two points spaced 2-3 feet apart, so obviously the number of class participants who can have “air time” depends on the number of such points that can be set up given the equipment available.


Seattle suspension irdeep

Quotes about this class:

“Stefanos and Shay were excellent presenters. Their class on two point suspension was perfectly fitted for the time slot. They took a complicated subject and broke it down making sure that all the important details were covered.” -Anonymous feedback from KinkFest 2017

“Thank you for hosting such great classes! I had a ton of fun. I took the 2 point dynamic suspension back home and tried it again at my local rope group last night, to much excitement. Thank you!” – @Wonder_Woman

“Just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful class and for letting me try out your suspension. We had a great time, and look forward to learning from you again sometime soon. :)” -@-Ethan-

“I love your engaging teaching style and focus on safety, while keeping it fun!” -@HoneyCat

“So much gratitude for your offering of the marionette class today! I could tell you put in a lot of time and care in preparation. Loved the detailed notes. You are a fabulous instructor! I am looking forward to more of this in the future. A pleasure to meet you ;)” -MsFur

“I very much I enjoyed your class yesterday. It was wonderful to see some western bondage and something more out of the box as well as an instructor who is self tying. (That is an incredible rarity.) Even though I was familiar with the ties already, I learned a lot about the mechanics of the marionette and tips for making those ties really work for this kind of suspension. I had never thought to use the gravity boot in that way, but it’s something I’m going to keep in my tool box for sure. Much better than the method I had worked out. I think you did a really exceptional job of addressing the spectrum of skill levels in the class; no one was bored and no one seemed overwhelmed, even those who had said this was their first rope event. More than any other rope class I’ve attended, you did a fantastic job of checking in on each person to make sure they were up to speed and “got it.” I also loved how you brought in knowledge for rope bottoms. I feel like in most rope classes I’ve taken, the bottom’s experience and education is overlooked. I’ve been lucky enough to take a lot of classes from you and Stef over the years and one of my favorite parts is always the safety talk. (Might be a fetish.) I particularly appreciated your safety talk in this class because it’s very rare that we have both a medical professional and someone who experiences rope from the top and bottom explaining rope safety. It’s a complete informational package and that is invaluable.” -@wanderlustre

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