Fuck Your Box! D/s for the rest of us

Get out of the box and create your own unique power exchange dynamic! This class is about breaking away from “traditional” D/s or M/s to formulate relationship models and protocols that are unique to YOU.

Stefanos & Shay will draw from their years of experience in an unconventional D/s relationship to discuss & demonstrate the use of creative protocols to establish headspace for a scene, including applying the concept of  “flow” to make your scenes soar. They will start with verbal protocols, focused on manners of address and communicating within the “mood” of your dynamic (particularly from the s-type’s perspective). Next they’ll cover physical protocols, with a focus on position training. The class is peppered with insights gleaned from positive psychology and applying relationship research to D/s, because science is sexy!

(This class contains elements of demo, lecture, discussion, and class interaction.)

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Feedback on Fuck Your Box:

“I learned a TON and we enjoyed every second of your class. It was a thoroughly informative and fun evening!” -Tony

“The best class I’ve EVER attended.” – @willow-wolf

“The only protocol class I’ve ever been to that was actually worth attending.” -Cannon

“A great class and presented in the style only you and Stefanos could present. You packed a lot of info a brief amount of time. Bravo for planting seeds and encouraging the journey for those present.” -Disciple

“I want to thank you for the protocol class. It brought important knowledge to my tool box and learning more about your relationship reassured me of the direction I want mine to take.” -eager4more

“I would like to thank you for including in your presentation so many details as related to your own evolution as a D/s couple.  In discussing the ‘take aways’ with my trainer, I found that most of my impressions were around discoveries you made along the way and the wisdom sharing is simply invaluable. Also, the presentation was immensely fun!  I was initially a little concerned due to sitting way in the back row, but the dynamic and humor infused style you use kept the audience highly engaged.” – SweetandSaucy

“Thanks for the fantastic class last night.  I want to make sure you know we both had a great time, learned a lot, and loved all the humor and the many ways you made the presentation fun and sexy. Thank you!” -@Libida

I really enjoyed the class of your head space class. That was right up the interests of myself and my pet. Very well organized and eloquently delivered. It was a treat to have you guys up for our first conference and I feel so energized after the event! Thanks again for helping solidify my power exchange and really rounding out my weekend! -@TheMadScientist_

Anonymous feedback from Westcoast Bound 2015:
– useful tricks to use in every day life
– Stefanos and Shay always rock
– positions can help the s-type set the scene!
– I enjoyed questioning my position of power within my current relationship
– the guiding practice was great
– Shay & Stefanos are awesome and intelligent presenters
– better understanding that there is no wrong way
– interactive instruction
– great thoughts on connecting BDSM and flow

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