It’s a Trap! Playful scenes & non-bondage predicaments

This isn’t always serious work we do! Predicaments are all about putting your bottom between the proverbial “rock and hard place” (and laughing as they are flummoxed by their situation); playful BDSM is about giggling together in scene and making your bottom participate in their own torment.

This class will show you how to bring a new level of engagement to your BDSM play and go beyond giving and receiving sensations – create story lines and connect mentally with your partner. Stefanos & Shay will also address the bottom’s perspective, including communicating within the “mood” of your scene and detailed discussion of “bratting.”

Leave your rope bag at home – this is NOT a bondage class! In addition to demonstrating many specific predicaments and “games,” Stefanos & Shay will discuss this type of play in a broad sense to guide you in developing your own unique scenes. 

(This class is mostly demo and lecture, with some discussion.)

Feedback on It’s a Trap:

“I have never had so much fun in a class.  Ever.  :-)”

“It was great to see the lightheartedness you approach kink with. The drill instructors who smile. You’re both such happy people. I feel like it’s so good for the scene to have role models who don’t take themselves too seriously.”-Wren

“You gave us an experience to last a lifetime… You’re phenomenal together – thanks for including us so graciously.” -BK 

“Just wanted to drop you and Maestro Stefanos a quick note and say thanks for a wonderful presentation last Saturday at Kinky Kollege. My Mistress and i both thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration. Your presentation style, and personal interaction were incredibly fun to watch, and W/we got a lot of great ideas. W/we did fill out a comment card (all fives LOL), but we wanted to extend a personal thank you an express our appreciation for a great class.” -@kmsmkvii

 “Thanks again for the outstanding classes at COPE!!  It’s A Trap class was awesome. I was a little late coming to that class and the fact that it was standing room only and into the hallway, well I think that says it all. You and Stefanos are are 2 Awesome people and I enjoyed meeting you both.” -cinderella1215

“The most fun I’ve ever had at a BDSM workshop!”

“They were wonderful and would love to see them again.  Awesome and fun.”

“Very energetic and playful”

“Great and horrible ideas!”

I loved this class so much! It was the first time I’ve attended one of your classes, but it certainly won’t be the last!
Some of my favorite things about the class:
-The chemistry between you and Stefanos really drew me in and was fun to watch.
-Your wit and intellect was so compelling for me! Several times I turned to my neighbor in the audience and squeed about your
-The structure of the class held my attention the whole time and was packed with so many little gems.
-I’m totally stealing your thesaurus idea. That was brilliant.” – SierraCirque