Precipice: Extreme edge play

(Event organizers: Due to the intense nature of this class, we are currently only offering it on a limited basis and within specific scheduling guidelines. Please contact us for more information.)

handprint 2 edit IMG_0381Violent assault, humiliation, terror, interrogation, forced sex… playing on the brink can be vastly rewarding, but also psychologically and physically dangerous (which is of course part of the appeal). Stefanos & Shay will demonstrate & discuss types of edge play scenes, negotiation & aftercare for this type of play, and the how & why of taking yourself (and your partner/s) to the limit… and then pulling them (and yourself) back.

This class includes numerous demos, including emotional edge play, sexual consensual non-consent, gun play, use of “trigger words,” realistic and personal portrayal of domestic abuse, and rough body play, as well as participatory discussion about “soft limits” and risk awareness in the context of edge play. Throughout, Stefanos & Shay emphasize using edge play for catharsis and empowerment.

This class is not for beginners and contains content that many participants find triggering (often in unexpected ways). NO LATE ENTRY allowed for this session. 

(This class is mostly demo and lecture, with some discussion.)

This picture is relevant to the class. Really. ;-)

This picture is relevant to the class. Really. 😉


Feedback on Precipice:

“I wanted to thank you and Stefanos for your class on edge play. It was intense, entertaining and very informative. The scene at the end was incredible. I don’t normally bottom and a lot of classes I’ve been to are geared more towards tops/doms and being able to learn about a bottom’s thought process was very interesting. I hope you were able to get the duct tape out of your hair quickly!”- Y_M

“Thank you for breaking my brain a little. The rebuild will give me the chance to address some overdue maintenance.” -@DSCross

“Your edge play class had a really profound effect on me. I was so impressed with how you both were willing to share so much of yourselves to help us learn. Edge play is something to which I gravitate, and after attending your class I really feel that I am much more equipped to do it well and safely. Also, the two of you were so engaging and fun. It was one of the best classes I’ve attended since I got into the scene. I really hope that I get another chance to see you present one of these days :)” -@nameless_rose

“Your Edge Play class at DO Surrender rocked my world!! Thank you for being such an incredible person and sharing such important insights. Seeing you guys teach makes coming all the way from NC totally worth the trip!”Princess Perfect

“Your Edge Play class was incredible. I know it’s a sensitive topic, but you guys did it so incredibly well. Thank you so much for running that kind of class, it was really and truly amazing.” -@Ramenth

“The “Extreme Edge Play” workshop was so wonderful. I laughed, I cried… (really!) And I learned a lot. The dynamic between you 2 as presenters was wonderful, and you amazingly covered so much useful knowledge in such hot and compelling ways! it kind of took the top off my head. :-)” – Flightless

“You and Stefanos touched me so deeply in the Edge play I still tear up thinking about it today. You are both so amazing.” -T B

“My friends & I have talked so much about your edge play class… I loved your “hi baby” when you would break out of a scene & go back to teaching.” -M

“I would really like to thank you for coming to Winter Fire and giving what was the best workshop I attended there. I know that it must be difficult to pull yourself that quickly out of an intense scene to continue teaching, and I applaud you on that thoroughly. I don’t know anyone else that could do the same. Thank you again.” – HW

“Stefanos and Shay are highly entertaining. Their knowledge and ability to present information is impressive, and I happily attended many of their workshops, and will attend any of them in the future that they present. They are also knowledgeable, and sensitive to people’s needs, provide opportunities for input, and help to guide / focus the workshop in a healthy and productive manner.  Thank you greatly Stefanos and Shay!” -Anonymous feedback from KinkFest 2017

“BEST WORKSHOP OF THE WEEKEND!” – Anonymous feedback from KinkFest 2017