Pyro-Passion: Fire play

Fire bubbles on legTake your fire play beyond the basics! In this class, Stefanos & Shay will discuss and demonstrate methods for making your fire play sensual, erotic, and painless… or “punishing” the masochist in your life with a scary and sadistic fire scene.

They will explain pyro tools, safety, executing a scene and psychology of pyro-passion, followed by specific techniques including fire with wands, spraying (including creating colored spray), flashing, bubbles, foam, and cupping.

Fire play requires constant attention to the details of the process as well as the rewards – this class emphasizes safety and mindfulness.

At the end of the session, as time allows, class participants will have a chance to experience fire play as a top or bottom. 

(This class is demo and lecture, with some class participation/discussion, for the first sections, then hands-on at the end as time allows.)

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Feedback on Pyro-Passion:

“It was a great class. You two are very dynamic, knowledgeable and entertaining presenters. Not a dull moment and lots of good information.” -technowench

“This was by far the best class I’ve ever been to. You guys made it informative, funny, and entertaining the whole way through. And I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for your guys’ other classes in the future.”-Kala

“I thought the fireplay class and demo you and Stefanos presented was one of the best I’ve ever attended. You guys are soooo entertaining”- John

“I learned so much, and I really want to start practicing and improving my skills. You two are the best instructors, and you play off of each other so well. It’s like an educational class, floor show, comedy show, and love fest all rolled into one – just amazing. And it doesn’t hurt to have the best & most beautiful stunt bottoms in the world, either ;-)”- Andrew

“You guys are adorable together and a pleasure to watch, and I learned a lot in the classes as well! Of course I won’t lie that I could be happy watching you read a phonebook… :-P” –Fish

“I just wanted to thank you again for your great fire classes. We’ve been doing fire for about a year but love all of the new ideas that we got from you.” -Anon

“After ~15-20 years in and out (slightly more out) of the scene it’s rare that I find something totally new that I’ve never tried and truly enjoy but y’all knocked it out of the park. It was so easy and MUCH safer than I anticipated. Obviously, I need to learn a good bit more before introducing it into actual play but you two whet my palate for the genre in a major way – thank you so much for that! The combo of fire+blood play is… exceptionally compelling.” -Len

“We found the fire play classes very informative and entertaining; bravo, bravo, and thank you for doing them. You are Steph are both lovely to watch, and I got an extra kick out of the ‘meows’ and ‘yips’ you make when playing. SUPER-CUTE.” -Anon

“Wonderful fire play class last night. Thank you very much for the informative and hands-on instruction. I especially liked how you demonstrated within a scene how it can be used sensually and/or sadistically.”-S3x

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