RACK Me Up: Risk awareness for bottoms

Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) is outpacing Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC) as a model for What It Is That We Do (WIITWD)- and soon acronyms may take over BDSM completely! While there’s a lot of lip service paid to the concept, are we really practicing RACK? We spend a lot of time talking about the “consent” part (rightfully), and “kink” is pretty much a given. However, “risk awareness” is often assumed. Bottoms, it’s your body on the line here- do you really know the dangers (and safer practices) for practices like flogging, bondage, play piercing, and breath control? Stefanos & Shay will start this session with a self-assessment that includes questions about many different types of play, and use this as an outline to discuss risk awareness, from specific health considerations to heavy impact to cutting to suspension (including demos designed to enhance your ability to assess your top’s safety and expertise with different types of play). Rather than promoting “one true way,” they will encourage you to develop your individual risk tolerance profile. Tops are also welcome to attend, as this session may enhance your pre-scene communication and ability to “RACK up” your bottoms.  (This class is demo, lecture, and discussion.)

We encourage you to read the multiple choice outline ahead of time- it can be found here!


Feedback on RACK Me Up:

“I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful class today! Being my first class wasn’t sure what to expect. I have heard great things about you and it was a pleasure being there today. This class was so welcoming and comfortable. And I learned a lot!” -p.f

“Thanks for the class yesterday at the Looking Glass. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You and Stefanos are excellent teachers; I’d love to watch and learn from you any day! I’m a newbie and am just starting to put myself out there and I really admire the dynamic that you and Stefanos have together. I look forward to attending more of your classes” – K & A

“Quite possibly the best class I’ve ever taken in this community.” -TopKai

“Thank you for such an fun, engaging and informative class! I look forward to attending more of your events in the near future!” -@Menomena