Skin Deep: Cutting for play

There is nothing quite like the sensation of a cutting – the fear, as you see and feel a blade against your skin, the sharp, immediate pain as the cut is made, the slow tingle and wet feeling of blood dripping down your skin…  

In this class, Stefanos & Shay will discuss and demonstrate surface cuttings using sterile scalpels, including information on both freehand and patterned cuttings using transfer paper. While they teach – and preach! – that you should always go into a cutting assuming it will scar, their focus in this class is to partake in cuttings as play (as opposed to cuttings as body modification) while seeking to minimize scars. There will be a focus on RACK and making cuttings as safe (with discussion by Shay, a medical professional) and sexy as possible.

While the technical information is a crucial starting point, this class will go beyond the basics, discussing cutting as spiritual play and working within a D/s dynamic. This is an advanced edge play topic. 

(This class is mostly demo and lecture, with some discussion.)


Feedback on Skin Deep:

“I wanted to say thanks for your cutting workshop at Fapcon. I’ve been in the community for a while now, but it was by far the best cutting for play workshop I have seen. Your teaching style, passion, humour, and information was brilliant. Easily in my top 5 classes I’ve been in. My girl who hadn’t seen any cutting before loved it even more I think. I adored seeing the combination of the teaching and the play, especially the connection you and Stefanos have. My girl and I call each other mine and have our own small rituals too… and we saw that kindred spirit between you two. So from one presenter to another, kudos to you both. You were both fabulous.” – @Merit

“I wanted to thank you both for the outstanding cutting class you presented at Thunder this year. I’ve been doing cuttings for about 10 years, have taught classes locally and feel that your class was the very best class on cutting that I’ve ever attended.” – Anon, Thunder in the Mountains 2012

“I wanted to thank both you and Stefanos for the excellent cutting class you gave at Dark Odyssey. You managed to both entertain and provide a lot of information and safety tips in the allotted time. I’m moving forward carefully using what you provided and having a lot of fun in the process. You set a gold standard for educators in the community. Wish more “teachers” were as experienced, informative, and polished.” – GentRogue

“I wanted a leave a special thank you. Ever since experiencing your cutting demo at BL2014 and watching you take on your kitty persona/meowing throughout the intense sensation/pain it made me realize how much being in my kitty headspace and meowing instead of yelling or saying ouch helps me get through the pain and into the delicious sensation of needles. I find it extremely comforting and love when my top calls me a good kittie when I’m doing well. I never thought about doing it before but I wanted to say, Thank you! Today I took 20 needles which is the most I’ve done and I happily meowed and purred through it! -=^_^=-” – @MissCybrid

Shay first on Stef cutting“I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to teach, present and inspire out here at Fapcon this weekend. It was lovely to see you, and your classes were an absolute pleasure to take. Watching your cutting scene with Stefanos touched a very deep place in my heart, and we all really appreciated your willingness to share that with us. It was a lovely sight to behold.” – @Abs0luteZero

“Your classes were fun and educational not to mention over the top Sexy!” – Anon, Thunder in the Mountains 2012

“It was amazing to actually be able to watch you do [a cutting]. Thanks for giving the audience such a unique perspective with the use of the camera. For the first time I felt like I actually walked away with a solid understanding of how I might be able to do something like this myself someday. <3” – @LD_Oroboros

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