Strike A Pose: Position Training

allfour“Present! Ready! Kneel! Expose! Expose Ass! Apology!”

If you pictured yourself (or your sexy s-type) going through those positions and got excited, this class is for you!  Position training  has many variations- it can be used to initiate and build a D/s dynamic, to create sadistic predicaments, or as a “dance” of connection between Master and slave (to name just a few!).  Stefanos and Shay will discuss and demonstrate specific example positions (like the ones listed above), as well as variations like numbered positions and use of signals. They will also demonstrate types of position training scenes,  from yelling out orders like a drill sergeant (with severe punishments for fuck-ups) to delicately guiding a cherished pet through a postures performance. Interactive activities will help you focus on individualizing these positions and scene types to your own personal turn-ons, limitations, interests, and dynamics. (This class contains elements of demo, lecture, discussion, and class interaction.)


Quotes about Strike A Pose:

“I would like to extend my thanks for the position training class you taught.  It was a fantastic experience for me.  I am always looking for ways to improve myself both as a submissive, and as a person, and this class allowed me to figure out ways to work on both.  I truly appreciate the time and energy that you both took to teach, show, and lead.  I look forward to working on the positions which I was shown, and creating others that work well with myself and my partners.  I also look forward to seeing you more around the scene, and hope to learn more from and about you. Thank you.” -@D_Valerian