The Triangle Suspension

Explore dynamic movement with a minimalistic & playful “circus bondage”-style 3- to 5- point-based rig. This class is hands-on and is self- or partnered-suspension friendly. As the rigging is fairly minimal, a good portion of the class will focus on giving the suspended person time to learn methods for taking full advantage of the freedom & flow offered by this suspension. Note that this is *not* traditional Shibari in any sense!

  • Level: Intermediate (suspension) to advanced
  • Pre-requisites: Suspension-worthy chest harness that can load from the back. Support line management skills. For people being suspended: Body awareness and adequate fitness for a strenuous tie that heavily loads the chest & requires core strength. Communication skills.
  • Supplies: 2-4 pieces of ~30 foot rope, 2-4 pieces of ~10-15 foot rope. A suspension ring and/or at least 4 carabiners (locking carabiners strongly preferred). Upline (synthetic/rated upline strongly recommended).


Anonymous feedback from Ropecraft 2017:

“Really helpful presenter/co-presenter went around and helped out students individually with little adjustments to a challenging sort of suspension. It let me have way more fun and movement the second time I went up by giving myself a bit more space to move.”

“Very informative and gave me a number of new ideas.”

“My favorite part was seeing the stunt bottom repeatedly sef-inflict pain & suffering to demonstrate how much movement was possible in the tie.”