Wave Your Magic (Fire)Wand- Creation & Application

No more groping in the dark — this introductory session invites you to learn and experience techniques to bring fire play to your hands, including crafting your own fire wand! Learn about safety, supplies, and creating a fire play scene. Witness the versatility of fire wands with demonstrations in fire wand technique, including blowing, trailing, combining fire wands with impact play, and various two wand styles.

Fire play requires constant attention to the details of the process as well as the rewards — Stefanos & Shay will emphasize safety and mindfulness.

The instructors will provide materials and assistance in making fire wands. Class participants will then have a chance to try out their new wands as a top or bottom! Attendees are strongly encouraged to switch roles. 

(This class is demo and lecture for the first sections, then hands-on.)

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Feedback on Wave Your Magic FireWand:

“You are very lovely, smart and dynamic speakers and I would go to another of your workshops in a heartbeat.” -islandladibug

“You guys are adorable together and a pleasure to watch, and I learned a lot in the classes as well! Of course I won’t lie that I could be happy watching you read a phonebook… :-P” –Fish

“We found the fire play classes very informative and entertaining; bravo, bravo, and thank you for doing them. You are Steph are both lovely to watch, and I got an extra kick out of the ‘meows’ and ‘yips’ you make when playing. SUPER-CUTE.” -Anon