Behind the Scene: Bedroom Kink for Beginners

You don’t need pomp & props to have hot, dirty, kinky sex…

Let Maestro Stefanos, the Steward of The Upper Floor, show you how to bring sexy discipline into your bedroom at home!

Undressing, kissing, and dirty talk can all be integrated into your kinky foreplay. Stefanos and his partner, lifestyle switch & performer Shay, will give you concrete tools to create your own sexy scenes. They’ll include tips for establishing your controlling Dominant role and giving orders, demonstrating your submissive role, being in the moment, establishing consent, and playing without toys — using just your hands and mouth.

The class closes with a live demo showing ways to give your oral sex a kinky flair!

(This class is demo, lecture, some discussion, and a small amount of hands-on.)
Previous attendees have said:
“My husband and I would like to thank you for the  enlightening, and entertaining workshop you gave. We have been curious for years (me more than him I fear), and in our own way have attempted to emulate some kink suggestions we have found online. However, being given in-person knowledgeable instruction is definitely a superior learning method in our pursuit of kinky sex. You provided a wealth of information that we are trying to assimilate into our sex play, which of course will take time and practice (ok lots). We hope to attend another workshop in the near future!” K & M
Stef and Chey naked smiles