BENT is a vibrant and vivacious youth event held every other month exclusively at the SF Citadel. This event has a loyal following among young San Franciscans and attracts many unique attendees who find the energy and lusty appeal of BENT sets it apart from other dungeon events. BENT is the SF Citadel’s longest running and largest specialty event, routinely drawing well over 250 of the city’s sexiest perverts to play and socialize.

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Each BENT event is punctuated by a funny, tongue-in-cheek, and/or sexy skit, performance, or review in connection to the event’s theme.

Costumes are not required but are encouraged! Check the FetLife BENT group or the calendar at for specific event details and costume suggestions. If you don’t wish to costume, basic black, fetish, leather, lace, lingerie, or anything sexy/dressy will do!

For the purpose of this event, “youth” is 18, 19, 20′s and 30′s. More information about our age limit policy and consent culture at BENT can be found here.


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