Guidelines for Self-Suspension Open Space

  • Have questions or concerns? Speak to Shay!

  • Do not touch another person or their property (including their rope) without their explicit consent. Stay within the parameters of what has been specifically negotiated. If you don’t know, ask.

  • This is a skill sharing event — please participate, learn, and share according to Open Space principles!

  • If you want to “workshop” an idea on your own, that’s great. However, this is not the appropriate time/place to have a play scene. Event hosts & facilitators may check in with you at any time and may ask you to modify your activities, either for safety or to fit with event guidelines.

  • Photographs are allowed. Get explicit consent of everyone who may be in your picture, including people in the background. Pay attention to reflections in the mirror.

  • Respect pronouns. If you don’t know, ask, or use singular “they”

  • See our detailed code of conduct for additional guidelines.

Interested in learning more about self-suspension before coming to the Open Space? Check out this link!