Master’s Den

I would like to thank you for your years of patronage and loyalty to all of our events and Master’s Den in all of its vicissitudes. Your continued support makes our events all the better for the SF Citadel, Maestro Stefanos, Shay and their volunteers, and the BDSM Community at large.

Master’s Den is the original celebration of submissive women and dominant males at the SF Citadel hosted by Maestro Stefanos, Shay and a crew of untold numbers.

In the Master’s Den Socialize, Learn, & Explore is not just a hollow motto or shiny catch phase. We encourage singles & groups of all levels and proclivities to attend Master’s Den to create a community that teaches itself & grows from gaining new experiences through introductions and sharing. With the help of fabulous, diligent & encouraging Den Mothers & Den Masters.

Maestro Stefanos uses a serial event approach to Master’s Den Events. Revelry, Casino & Auction encourage attendees to socialize, learn & explore with each other throughout 3 parties as they witness or participate in each event’s unique themes, contests & objectifications.

In the Master’s Den, the dominants & submissives are encouraged, enticed, & engaged in consensual actions through ice-breaking stylized queen negotiation cards given out in the Submissive’s Den to submissives who ask for them. The wearing of these cards indicates willingness to negotiate with any dominant who approaches – as long as the protocols of their relationship are followed. Single women are considered to under the protection of The Maestro for the duration of the party & they may invoke his name at any time for protection.

At the events dominants receive Den Dollars (fake money) to encourage a shadowy economy of raising Den Dollars for actions that enhance the event’s atmosphere. i.e. If you play with a single submissive, bring her and yourself to Maestro Stefanos for a reward of Den Dollars. If you volunteer & pay admission you earn Den Dollars. If you make bets, you can game for Den Dollars among each other. These Den Dollars carry over from event to event and are most conspicuously used at the Auction. The idea is to create the fantasy of an economy in a D/s world where you are rewarded as you add to D/s atmosphere.

The whole process and event is observed & orchestrated by Maestro Stefanos and the Den Mothers & Den Masters who create a safe, secure & sexy atmosphere.

Master’s Den appears complicated at first with check-in stations for dominants and submissives, a submissives den, negotiation cards, objectification stations, pre-event discussions, Den Dollars, themes and eccentricities of interactions. However, no matter what games or play money are used, Master’s Den is a play event for submissive women and dominant males held in a dungeon. The events are meant to enhance the atmosphere of submission and dominance.