Den Dollars


How to use your Den Dollars?

First, Den Dollars are earned through your contribution to Master’s Den. Second, they are never lost or taken from you and always roll over to the next event. Third, Den Dollars are meant as a commodity to be used not hoarded just for Auction.

Contributing to Master’s Den to earn Den Dollars:

  • Attend Dom’s Domain on the night of the event to earn 500 Den Dollars.
  • Volunteer for 1 hr to earn 500 Den Dollars and free admission to Master’s Den.
  • Volunteer for 1hr and pay the SF Citadel your admission to earn 1000 Den Dollars.
  • Play with Single Submissives, bring them to M. Stefanos, he will give you Den Dollars at least 1000 Den Dollars.
  • Find ways to improve Master’s Den and help to implement them; earn extra Den Dollars.
  • Offer contests ideas, implement them and M. Stefanos will reward your work in Den Dollars
  • Go to classes about DMing, D/s and other things that you think will improve your skills for Master’s Den; bring me a proof and M. Stefanos will reward you with 500 Den Dollars per class up to 2000 Den Dollars.
  • Donate to the SF Citadel in U.S. Dollars and M. Stefanos will give you 100 Den Dollars per $10 donated up to a maximum exchange of 3000 Den Dollars.
  • Create a great scene and tell me about it; M. Stefanos will reward you Den Dollars.
  • Selling your property/submissive (even one you have for the night or met at Master’s Den that night) at Auction or at any time earns you Den Dollars equal to the sale.

Roll Over from Master’s Den to Master’s Den:

  • Your Den Dollars never lose value from Master’s Den to Master’s Den.
  • We keep your Den Dollars in safety so you can always count on having them at each Master’s Den you go to, providing you turn them in when you leave to the blue box near the exit.
  • Your contributions at each Master’s Den can be continually rewarded at each new Master’s Den event. I.E. Dom’s Domain, Contests, Classes, Play, Volunteering, Donations to SF Citadel etc.

How are they a Commodity:

  • Den Dollars are money to be used to get you things at Master’s Den.
  • Every one wants more Den Dollars for Auction, and those who work the hardest have the best chance to get it. But why do you need Auction to get that submissive? Use your reputation, charm, references, and skills to get play dates too.
  • If you have Den Dollars consider loaning/using them in exchange for knowledge, learning a new skill from another Dominant, interest, to be a philanthropist and earn prestige as a generous gentleman.
  • Den Dollars are not just for Auction. If Den Dollars were U.S. Dollars, 20,000 would make you wealthy and 2000 would make you middle class. But consider the Den Dollars as disposable income, money meant to be lost, given away or spent frivolously. There is no stock market at Master’s Den or interest bearing accounts so you get money by earning it or spending it.
  • Use Den Dollars at Casino to take a chance to earn big or small.
  • Consider your skill set an offer it as collateral to other Dominants for some of their Den Dollars.
  • Consider spending your Den Dollars to learn something from another, you can always get more Den Dollars.
  • Bet with each other on games you make in the Dungeon.
  • Use 10,000 Den Dollars to buy a Free Admission to Master’s Den (you must negotiate with M. Stefanos before hand).