Master’s Den: Auction FAQ


Why should/would I want to enter the auction?

The auction is first and foremost an icebreaker. It’s a tool to allow you to communicate your needs and connect with a Dominant/top who wants the same things you want. Who knows- you might meet that special someone! Of course, there’s also just the thrill of being in an auction- what BDSM fantasy book doesn’t involve an auction of some sort?


What is being auctioned off?

The right to negotiate in good faith for a scene, nothing more. No one is guaranteed a scene out of this process. It’s a good idea to be somewhat conservative in the scenes you list/describe on the auction card- start basic, with something you’d be willing to do with pretty much any Dominant/top who buys you, and then you can always negotiate for MORE if you hit it off.


Will I be bought?

We are almost sure you will be. There are a large number of Doms/tops who have been looking forward to this auction and really want to do scenes and meet new partners, and I know they are not planning to let any of the girls go un-sold! Just be sure to be specific but not overly restrictive in the scenes you describe on the auction cards. For example, you might have a hard time being bought if you say you ONLY want to be sold for a scene where you’ll be suspended and then have a violet wand used on you.


What support do I have after the auction?

After or before the auction, you may choose to fill out one of the MD negotiation forms (or bring your own form) to give to the winning bidder as a way to get the negotiations started. You may also ask a Den Mother (wearing a red rose) to sit in on the negotiations and help you in the process. This same Den Mother can, upon your request, keep an eye on your scene while it’s in progress to make sure everything is OK. Also, the DMs are there for you- tell them what sort of scene you’ll be doing, non-verbal safewords, hard limits, etc, and they can keep an eye on you (but keep in mind that they have to be watching the entire dungeon!).


I like a lot of things! What should I list on the card?

It might seem like being vague is a good way to be bought, but we’ve found that it’s better to give the bidders something specific to think about. Make sure to start BASIC with something you’re willing to do with just about any Dom/top who wins the auction. You can ALWAYS expand your negotiations or hook up for another scene later if you hit it off. For a first scene, it is always a good idea to keep it short and sweet- as they say in showbiz, leave the stage while the audience is still clapping! It may be a good idea to specify a time limit- you could always decide to expand it. If you pick one scene that’s pretty specific (play piercing, for example) try to pick a second scene that’s more open. Some examples to get you thinking:

  • Service for 1 hour – fetching drinks & food, etc
  • Human furniture for ½ hour- being a footrest/table, etc
  • Bare hand spanking
  • Bondage scene- rope, suspension, immobilization, decorative vs. restrictive, etc
  • Spanking with toys, paddles
  • Roleplaying scene- naughty schoolgirl, age play, etc
  • Animal play- pony, kitty, puppy
  • Training scene- being run through positions, taught protocols, etc
  • Mild/moderate/severe flogging scene- stingy or thuddy?
  • Sensation based play (specify pain or not & degree, also list a few things you really like- violet wand, fur, wheels, clamps, sting, thud, etc)
  • Heavy pain scene (specify implements, sting vs. thud, etc)
  • Sexual acts (think carefully about what you’ll be willing to do with ANYONE who buys you!)- blowjobs, intercourse, handjob, letting them play with you, etc
  • Boot/foot worship for 15 minutes
  • Boot blacking
  • Play piercing
  • Knife play
  • Leash leading for ½ hour
  • Scene assistance
  • Massage for ½ hour