Master’s Den Queen Cards

Use the Queen Cards:

They are tags and clues picked by the Submissives at Master’s Den that help start negotiation. A submissive choses a card or cards to wear.

  • The Queen of Clubs indicate you have a S/M or Bondage service to offer.
  • The Queen of Diamonds indicates you have a non-sexual service to offer.
  • The Queen of Hearts indicates you have a Sexual Service to offer.
  • The Queen of Spades indicates you are offering services for S/M, Bondage, Nonsexual and Sexual Service.

It is important to note that if you wear a card (we encourage all submissives to wear a card) you are indicating you are interested in negotiating within those parameters. For example, if you are wearing a Queen of Clubs, you may be only interested in flogging. If someone offers a spanking, you can simply say you offering floggings for this event. The Cards are meant as a starting place not a beginning and end of negotiation.