Quotes about Master’s Den

“Master’s Den is highly original, and a remarkable event. Sure, there are events for Doms and subs elsewhere where people can meet, but they all lack the structure and organization of Master’s Den. There’s nothing like it elsewhere, as far as I can see.
Certainly, there’s nothing like it in London, where I spend half my time, and which has the largest BDSM scene anywhere on the planet.
Well done to Stafanos and Shay!”


“Master’s Den was the first SFC party that I ever attended and it has been and will always be the best series of events I have ever attended in my 4 years thus far. Nothing compares or comes close.” -Julia Fatal

“I attended the Master’s Den party the week of Thanksgiving and connected with the man I was with in a way that has changed my life forever. I will always remember that night. Thank you for creating an event that allowed magic to happen.” -templebell

“The party was so well organized and the energy was incredible. I know that these things don’t happen by accident so I want to say thank Stefanos, Shay, and all the volunteers who brought their hardwork and energy to making the event a success.

Thank you for creating a safe space for me to work, play, and get my pain and service kick.
If you heard loud maniacal laughter peppered with screaming towards the end of the night: that was me. :- D
In Love and Leather,”

– femmedagger

“i had such a wonderful time at Master’s Den last night. It was one of the most rewarding experiences i have ever had, far beyond my expectations. It was also my first D/s play event, and so i was really moved by the culture of acceptance. It was a feeling of being at home.” -cori

“One of the defining characteristics of the Master’s Den series of events is its educational component. The Den Mothers and Den Masters effectively communicate helpful tips and behavioral standards which are then immediately applied in the comfortable social environment. Those experienced volunteers also offer continued support throughout the evening. Consent culture is promoted (in word and in deed), personal responsibility is upheld, ice-breakers are provided, and relationship protocols are respected. All of these things makes Master’s Den an excellent 1st event for singles or couples (triads, etc.) of any age. If you’ve been apprehensive or on the fence about attending thus far, come down on this side. You won’t regret it. 🙂
Attending an event such as this as an unaccompanied female-identified person can be unnerving, but “Den” does not denote that this assemblage of Dominants is comprised of animalistic, ferocious barbarians. In addition to having access to the generous, encouraging Den Mothers, single women can take comfort in knowing that they are under the protection of Maestro Stefanos and may invoke his name, should they ever feel the need. This may sound like fantasy frivolity to someone who has yet to be in a situation where an arrogant or oblivious creep has made her wish she had a name to invoke, but the Maestro’s commitment to safety fosters a secure environment, perfect for socializing, networking, and D/s exploration. All the men I interacted with this past Saturday night were complimentary and gentlemanly. (Until I gave eager consent for brutish, sadistic behavior, that is…) 🙂
This is one of my favorite events offered @ the SF Citadel. I was happy to be of service in my own small way, and I felt respected and appreciated by all in attendance. Thank you, Maestro and team, for another quality event!”