The Master’s Den Postures


These are used to create a commonality for all attendees at Master’s Den. They are not here to replace or usurp your lifestyle or your personal protocols. They are for our pleasure as a community at Master’s Den. Generally at Revelry events we run a “Postures Contest” for the submissives to showcase their skills with these specific postures.




Present: Standing with legs shoulder width apart, feet pointed forward, hands at the back of the head about level with the jaw, fingers interlaced, elbows out, breasts/chest thrust forward.






Kneel: Kneeling, knees and feet touching, ass on top of your feet, hands at the small of your back, fingers and thumb forming a “diamond” shape with fingers hitting right at the top of the ass crack, shoulders back, back straight, toes pointed, toes touching but not overlapping.





Expose: Kneeling with ass on top of feet, knees parted at least shoulder width, toes pointed and touching but not overlapping,  hands at the back of the head about level with the jaw, elbows pointed out, breasts/chest thrust forward.





Expose Ass: Knees and feet on the floor at an equal distance a little more than shoulder width apart, ass up in the air, thighs at 90 degree angle with calves, toes pointed, back curved down with breasts/chest pushed against the floor if possible, nose to the floor, arms straight and resting on the floor with one hand on top of the other, fingers straight.




Apology: Lying on your stomach, limbs on the floor, arms at a 90 degree angle to your body and hands palm down on the floor, nose against the floor, legs together and straight out, toes pointed.






** Your gaze should always be downward and you should strive to maintain a neutral expression. 
*** If you have any physical limitations that would prevent you from performing these poses but you would still like to participate, please speak to Maestro Stefanos for modifications. 
*** One of the criteria the we look at the most when judging the postures is graceful and deliberate movement from one posture to another. You should move smoothly and settle into each posture without fidgeting or making a series of minor adjustments.