Open Space 4 Principles & 1 Law (by Harrison Owen)

Open Space 4 Principals

By Harrison Owen

1) Whoever comes is the right people

Those present are the only ones there. Whatever gets done will be done by them, or not at all. So in some strange way, the group present is always the right group.

2) Whatever happens in the only thing that could have

Change the people, time, place, or theme, and something different will result. Be prepared to be surprised — positively. Heighten your sensitivity to the opportunities at hand, whatever they might be.

3) Whenever it starts is the right time

When creativity and real learning are involved, the clock can be more of a detriment than an assist.

4) When it is over, it is over

Deep learning and creativity both have their own internal life cycle. They may take more or less time, but when they come to completion, they are over.


Open Space 1 Law

The Law of Two Feet – Every individual has two feet and must be prepared to use them. Responsibility for a successful outcome at any open space event resides with exactly one person — each participant. Each person should use their own two feet to move to whatever place they can best contribute and/or learn.